Our dating experts have compiled a few benefits that come from your relationship that you should always cherish. As you read each point, ask yourself if you’re taking any of them for granted.

Having their support

Having a partner feels good because there is always someone there for you. You always have them and their support. Having their support for the things you do or are passionate about makes them even more enjoyable.

Little things they do

Big gestures are great, yet it is often the little things that mean the most. You know, like when you mentioned you like Sunflowers and a couple of days later you get a whole bunch! Or when you took the time to sit and watch their favourite show or a football match just because they wanted to watch it? Or when you were feeling sick, and they made chicken soup for you? Or when you both liked on the grass staring at the stars and told each other what you dreamt about? Ah! The dating coaches say all these little things keep the spark alive in your relationship!

The communication and the comfortable silence

The biggest deal-breaker in any relationship is lack of communication. When the two of you are always up for a conversation with one another is so cute! You always have someone to talk to after a long tiring day at work, and so does your partner. But it’s not just the talks. It is also about being comfortable in the silence the two of you share. Not many couples are okay with the silence. If you and your partner are comfortable even when you have nothing to talk about, trust the dating experts; your relationship is going well!

Having someone to lean on

You know things are smooth between you and your partner when they are always there for you in crises and vice versa. Whether you have a family emergency or needed a ride back home, they were there for you. And our dating experts think it’s beautiful!

Date nights

Who doesn’t like dates? According to our dating coaches, whether it’s a new relationship or being in love since you two were eighteen, date nights are always a thumbs up, according to our dating coaches! Going for a movie, having dinner or a picnic, or just running through the garden where nothing and no one bothered the two of you, having your secret little rendezvous, date nights matter a lot to keep that spark in a relationship alive! Why not even take up a new interest? Here are some ideas if you can’t come up with any – Best Hobbies for Couples Shared by 40 Experts. 

Saying and hearing “I love you” s

Hey, we know what you are thinking! It’s high time we admit that saying “I love you” to our partners directly and listening to it back from them is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. According to our dating experts, telling your partner that you love them randomly will make them feel valued for a long time. And isn’t it beautiful to see a big smile on their face when they hear it?

A healthy relationship is when you and your partner feel secure in each other’s presence. And now you know what you need to appreciate in your relationship!

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