Relationship Management for a Remarkable Life- 5 Questions to Constantly Ask

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Relationship Management is essential for a remarkable life!  Yet, how much time do you spend making sure your relationship is strong and healthy? Do you spend as much time as you do on your business, fitness or other things?

How is your relationship and how often do you ask yourself this question?

How much time do you spend making sure your relationship is strong and healthy? Do you spend as much time as you do on your business, fitness or other things? How is your relationship and how often do you ask yourself this question?

Maybe you see the happy couples on social media and you can’t help thinking that the grass may be greener on the other side! It leaves you wondering if your relationship is as good! 

Or you might be in the habit of taking your relationship for granted and relationship management is the last thing on your mind!

The real honest truth is that you only have a healthy relationship when you are relating to each other.

To help you do that I am going to share 5 powerful questions you can regularly ask each other that will give you a wonderful relationship. This is relationship management 101!

Relationship Management -5 Powerful Questions 


1.What happened today that felt good?

Relationship management is about knowing how your special person feels. Ask your partner what happened in the day that made them feel good about themselves. Asking this question shows interest in their day and lets you find out about them. It is easy to feel like you know everything about each other. This leads to assumptions and putting each other in a box, which is not good relationship management. This question lets you find out about the positive things that happened in their day.

Of course, every day won’t be good, but finding one good thing it’s a great habit to get into. It is all about training your mind to notice good moments, rather than letting them slide by unnoticed. This is the ultimate in relationship management!

2. What has been making you feel like you’re not good enough?

Asking this question can feel difficult, but it is a conversation you need to have! It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life and not notice how the other person is feeling. This causes loneliness in relationships, so it is worth a little discomfort to have this conversation and is relationship management!

Ask your partner what has been making them feel like they aren’t good enough and what might be causing them to feel alone. Unfortunately, it can be easy to feel alone, even when you are in a relationship. This question will show that you are in this together and care about the other person’s challenges and how they are feeling. Again doing this is essential to relationship management. Relationships are built on vulnerability and that means being able to let each other know when you are struggling. This is not about solving each others problems but listening and being there for each other.

Being vulnerable is scary, yet vulnerability is necessary for a healthy relationship. In fact, vulnerability is essential for relationship management.

If you are not sure what vulnerability means it is being – exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

To love is to be vulnerable and allow the other person to see who you are, at the risk they won’t like what they see. Take the time and have the courage to be vulnerable with each other, it’s the glue that bonds you together. When you do it will bring you closer and give you the emotional intimacy you crave.

3. How have I made you feel loved and appreciated recently?

Ask your partner what you have done recently for them that allowed them to feel loved and appreciated. I love this question because it also lets you look at yourself and what you have done to SHOW love and appreciation.

It is such a cool relationship management tool!

It is important to show love in both words and actions every single day and this question prevents you from taking each other for granted!

Damage can be caused by unkind words and actions. As well as words and actions left undone. If you love someone take the time each day to let them know!

4. What have you done to love yourself?

If you want someone to love, appreciate and respect you, then you have to love, appreciate and respect yourself. A healthy relationship starts with you and is essential for relationship management!

It is important to create a life that makes you happy and then this will flow into your relationship as well. The change you want to create in your relationship starts with what you see when you look in the mirror. Start with looking in the mirror and telling yourself – ‘I love you and I am now going to act like it!’

It is easy to be a  people pleaser and lose yourself in relationships. For relationship management start by being nice to yourself.

5. Relationship Management is What haven’t we talked about?

Relationship management is about asking good questions. It can be easy to miss things that your partner wanted you to remember. When you regularly ask them what you haven’t asked or talked about it prevents this from happening.

When it comes to questions, be interested in the other person and what is happening in their life. Pay attention. The better-quality questions you ask, the more enlightening the answers will be and your relationship will grow from them.  Love is personal. 

If you are struggling in your relationship and relationship management why not book a free discovery call?


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