The Year of Transformation


When you don’t just want to go “from dateless to dateable” — you’re ready to go on the deep inner journey that will help you transform into the strongest, healthiest version of yourself — this is for you.

Together, we will reinvent your love life from the inside-out.

You will know what to do, what to say, how to have real authentic boundaries, and how to develop personal magnetism that’s irresistible (not like a pickup artist – this is the real deal).

We will work on your inside and outside – yep, this comes with a complete makeover to update your image and style (not changing you, just bringing out your best self).

And, when you meet someone, which is highly likely, I will be here to help you lay the foundations for an amazing, lasting relationship (so you don’t fall into self-sabotage-mode, miscommunicate, or misread what the other person is trying to tell you).

Because working on yourself, getting dates, enjoying dating — that’s not the end goal. The end goal is to be happy with yourself, and to find — and keep — lasting love.

This is what the Year of Transformation is designed to do.

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