The Still Single Action Plan


In this single session, you will get a detailed, immediately actionable plan of what to do, and what to stop doing, to get better results in your love life. This includes a dating profile audit with specific suggestions, troubleshooting why your relationships tend to fizzle before they can flourish, and a definitive answer to: What am I doing wrong?!

This is for you if:

  • You only get matches 4.5% of the time, you think dating apps must be a scam, you don’t know if it’s you – or if it is something you are doing wrong. 
  • You think “it’s a numbers game” (it isn’t). You’re treating dating like a job because you don’t want to waste anymore time on the wrong people. And you’re coming up empty.

I will be lovingly honest with you about what is and is not working on your profile, with your approach, and your behaviours and patterns. (You have to market to your audience!)

This will help you find out how to get the results you’re really looking for – I’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong, what you’re doing right, and how to get better results moving forward. You’ll get an actionable plan created just for you.

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