Spotlight Coaching


Spotlight coaching is a year-long program in which you can book 20-minute sessions with me whenever you need them.

That’s a year of on-call coaching via zoom/phone to help you in the moments when dating is hard, confusing, frustrating, or… successful.

That’s 12 months of accountability, support and advice (hey, you’d hire a business coach to build a successful business. Why not a dating coach for a successful love life?).

That’s four seasons to work through the practical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and surface aspects of what’s keeping you single (hey, some people really need a good haircut and a wardrobe update!).

This program is designed for people who are ready to take love as seriously as any Big Life Goal.

That said…

There’s a catch to the Unlimited 20-minute sessions.

Because part of my job is to hold you accountable for achieving the love life results you’re after, I have a rule: You may only book your next 20-minute session after you have acted on the advice from the previous session.

You know me, I won’t sugar-coat the truth. I know for a fact that:

If you don’t want to be single, you don’t have to be. But you do have to commit to changing what isn’t working.

Stop wasting time on men or women who will never give you what you want.

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