Dating has never been easy
and it’s also never been harder.

Swipe right, swipe left, Ghosting, the #MeToo era, Catfishing. Dogfishing.
Breadcrumbing Hookups, Breakups, Setups and Setbacks...
What are the rules exactly?
A quick search turns up truly terrible advice. Maybe you’ve heard some of these:

You don’t have to be 100% honest on your profile

(you do if you want a second date)

If you don’t have an instant spark, it’s never gonna work

(high instant chemistry is often a sign of that a past pattern is back, and you’re headed for a toxic relationship)

Attraction doesn’t matter at all, use your head, not your… heart

(you don’t need an instant spark, but you do need to find them attractive!)

Treat them mean to keep them keen

(you won’t keep them once they wise up)

Women love arseholes

(some do, many don’t)

Your perfect match is out there

(there is no such thing as perfect)

Oh dear.
With all of that misinformation going around, it’s just about impossible to find anyone you might want to be with for the long term, much less keep them around.
That’s where I come in.

I believe love can truly be life-changing. Love is critical to who we are, how we feel, and how well we can be our best selves - and yet it’s the thing we spend the fewest resources on and study the least.
We leave it to chance and chemistry.

Debbie Rivers

Hi, I’m Debbie Rivers, I’m a Relationship Coach and I’ve been doing this for over a decade. In that time I have worked with thousands of singles who have achieved real results. I’m consumed with empowering people to be successful in love, dating and relationships.
I have the bigger conversations that change lives. I’ve been where you are and not in a vague, ‘Oh, I get it,’ kind of way. I’ve seriously been where you are and my motto is that it’s never too late to have the life you have imagined!

My passion is helping people like you choose right the first time (or get it right the next time).

Which is harder than it sounds (but you know that already).
First, you have to navigate dating in the modern world.
Then You need to know how to present yourself to get those ‘swipes’,

Then you want to know how to act
All The While, You Have To Continually Decide What You Want, What Makes You Happy, What Your Non-Negotiables Are — Because It’s Not Enough To Just Get Them Interested In You. You Have To Be Genuinely Interested In Them.
Which Opens Up Another Layer Of Difficulty.
I am here to tell you that the good ones are not all taken, and that you can have an amazing relationship — but it’s unlikely to happen by sheer chance.

We have to work at it.

Together, we’re going to pinpoint the beliefs that are sabotaging your happiness and
relationships —and keep you accountable to get results.

Here’s the boring qualification stuff,
because I know that matters too!

My unique approach combines modern dating tech know-how with the inner work that helps you get lasting results. We will not only update your profile, we will look at your conscious and unconscious behaviours and how they get in the way of opening your heart and letting someone in.

I am a Certified Practitioner in Coaching, Completed Level 1 and 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, a Certified Master mBIT Coach (Europe) and a Certified Matchmaker with the Matchmakers Institute in New York. In short: I know how to meet’em, and I know how to keep’em.

I am an internationally accredited Relationship Coach and am continually learning the latest advances in dating, relationships, and how our brains work (especially when it comes to love), so I can give you cutting edge tools based on behavioral science, neuroscience, communication and attraction strategies (as well as my own life experience).

More importantly, I’ve been where you are. And not just in a vague “Oh, I get it” way.

I came out of a 21 year marriage that I thought would last forever. I had to learn how to date all over again; it was new and scary and thrilling, and disheartening.

I managed to have fun on most dates, get second dates frequently, but I discovered I had a super-power: I could find every commitment-phobic man within a 500 km radius.

If I did find a great guy, I would sabotage it, almost like a test. Did he love me enough to look past that dumb thing I did? (No. The answer was always no. And rightly.)

After a massive amount of self-work, study, real-life experience and research, I stopped going after wrong men and stopped pushing good men away. I had to cut through all the crappy dating advice to do it — and learn how to love and accept myself first.

I can tell you with authority that it isn’t too late to live the life you at any age. In fact, it’s never too late to have the life — and love — you imagined.

Even if it means braving…
Tinder Texting, sexting and trust issues Ghosting, Catfishing, Breadcrumbing, Dogfishing (what, haven’t heard about those yet? Just wait.) Hook-ups, Breakups, Setups and Setbacks
This is about believing in yourself and learning how to have the self-awareness and tools to be more confident, deal with rejection, and be a lot more resilient — so even with all of the challenges of modern dating, you can actually enjoy yourself.

If you are willing to put in the work, get out of your comfort zone, and try something new to find the love you want, let’s work together.

Relationship coaching with Debbie honestly changed my dating life immensely. I am not typically the type of person to seek coaching, but meeting and working with Debbie was such a blessing! She has a clear breath of experience, as we did most of our work over the phone/skype, because I don’t live in Australia, but still got results.

Her guidance focuses on internal growth, from an authentic, individualized approach. In my case, I wasn’t interested in attracting more people but attracting the RIGHT person, which she honed in on immediately. We took a deep dive into examining my patterns, motivations and behaviours towards relationships, and from this understanding, I believe I was able to effect lasting change.

I cannot recommend her enough, and ultimately I believe her guidance led me to the happy relationship I am in now! If you are hesitant, go for it – one of the best things that has happened to me Lily, USA - Lily is now married and about to have her first baby.

Our plans

Together, we’re going to pinpoint the beliefs that are sabotaging your happiness and
relationships — and keep you accountable to get results.

The Still Single Action Plan


In this single session, you will get a detailed, immediately actionable plan of what to do, and what to stop doing, to get better results in your love life. This includes a dating profile audit with specific suggestions, troubleshooting why your relationships tend to fizzle before they can flourish, and a definitive answer to: What am I doing wrong?!

This is for you if:

You only get matches 4.5% of the time, you think dating apps must be a scam, you don’t know if it’s you - or what you’re doing wrong if it is.

You think “it’s a numbers game” (it isn’t). You’re treating dating like a job because you don’t want to waste anymore time on the wrong people. And you’re coming up empty.

I will be lovingly honest with you about what is and is not working on your profile, in your approach, and your behaviors and patterns. (You have to market to your audience!)

This will help you find out how to get the results you’re really looking for - I’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong, what you’re doing right, and how to get better results moving forward. You’ll get an actionable plan created just for you.

The 4-Week Crash Course to Modern Dating


Consider this your crash-course in what you need to know about men and women to be able to attract the ones you want, communicate effectively, get more dates, and have more fun. You’ll learn how masculine and feminine energies work together (and the differences that can make or break your dating profile), and we’ll take a deep dive into your relationship history (and what you keep doing that doesn’t work for you!). You’ll leave with practical dating strategies, tailored to you, for getting out there and getting results.

This is for you if:

You need some help to feel confident on the dating scene. Maybe it’s been awhile, you’re new and need a guide. Or maybe you’ve been dating without success.

You’re not sure how to handle dating in the “Me Too” era, confused about what to do, and what not to do!

You’re afraid of meeting another narcissist, or of being scammed or catfished. You’d love someone in your corner for a month to help you learn to spot red flags, and tell them apart from potential red roses!
"Life was good but I wanted to find someone to share my life with, I was tired of going to places on my own. I had tried online apps and events but wasn’t getting the results I wanted, I was frustrated and wanted things to change. I decided to try coaching and chose the Silver Package. I am happy I did as II found out how some of the fears from past relationships held me back as well as the finding practical stuff that got results. One of the things I loved about working with you, Debbie, was the insight you gave about how the men think, completely different to what I thought. It was good to work with a coach who understands this and it changed how I go about dating and the outcomes I get. I know when I talk to my girlfriends they are too busy sympathising with me to give me useful advice. I am no longer frustrated and have gotten the results and met a wonderful man I am happy with."

Step Into Love: 3 Month Package


The Step Into Love 3-month package continues the work we began in the 4-week crash course, because some patterns and beliefs take longer to shift.

This is for you if:

You’re afraid you’ll take the baggage from your old relationship(s) into your new one.

You know you have a pattern of dating wrong-fit people, or narcissists, or other unhealthy partners, and you are ready to create lasting change.

You are ready to release the early-childhood programming that keeps you stuck in those loops so you can finally feel attracted to great partners. This is where we can clear the patterns that keep you stuck in miserable relationships.

Spotlight Coaching - 12 Months


With Spotlight coaching I can be the coach-in-your-pocket when you need me. Because dating is hard.

Spotlight coaching is a year-long program in which you can book 20-minute sessions with me whenever you need them.

That’s a year of on-call coaching via zoom/phone to help you in the moments when dating is hard, confusing, frustrating, or… successful.

That’s 12 months of accountability, support and advice (hey, you’d hire a business coach to build a successful business. Why not a dating coach for a successful love life?).

That’s four seasons to work through the practical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and surface aspects of what’s keeping you single (hey, some people really need a good haircut and a wardrobe update!).

This program is designed for people who are ready to take love as seriously as any Big Life Goal.

That said…

There’s a catch to the Unlimited 20-minute sessions.

Because part of my job is to hold you accountable for achieving the love life results you’re after, I have a rule: You may only book your next 20-minute session after you have acted on the advice from the previous session.

You know me, I won’t sugar-coat the truth. I know for a fact that:

If you don’t want to be single, you don’t have to be. But you do have to commit to changing what isn’t working.

Stop wasting time on men or women who will never give you what you want.

Let’s make that happen.

Add Spotlight Coaching to a Package to Save

4 Wk Crash Course + Spotlight = $3097 (save $297)
3mth Step Into Love = Spotlight = $4794 (save $400)

The Year of Transformation


When you don’t just want to go “from dateless to dateable” — you’re ready to go on the deep inner journey that will help you transform into the strongest, healthiest version of yourself — this is for you.

Together, we will reinvent your love life from the inside-out.

You will know what to do, what to say, how to have real authentic boundaries, and how to develop personal magnetism that’s irresistible (not like a pickup artist - this is the real deal).

We will work on your inside and outside - yep, this comes with a complete makeover to update your image and style (not changing you, just bringing out your best self).

And, when you meet someone, which is highly likely, I will be here to help you lay the foundations for an amazing, lasting relationship (so you don’t fall into self-sabotage-mode, miscommunicate, or misread what the other person is trying to tell you).

Because working on yourself, getting dates, enjoying dating — that’s not the end goal. The end goal is to be happy with yourself, and to find — and keep — lasting love.

This is what the Year of Transformation is designed to do.
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