Not Getting Results on Dating Apps, here’s why a Dating Coach can Help!

results on dating apps

Getting results on dating apps – you’ve put yourself out there and seriously thought that getting results on dating apps would be easier!

It’s frustrating because you hate being single and want to share your life with someone you like, right!

Can you relate to this meme?


Results on Dating apps


If you answered yes, this could be the reason you are not getting results on dating apps!


Every day I hear stories of frustration from singles not getting results on dating apps. My clients, singles in Facebook groups and even my friends complain about being single – you know about how hard it is to meet someone they like.

Being a Dating/Relationship Coach I always ask them what they are doing about meeting someone!  


They answer ‘Not much’ and add ‘it doesn’t work so why bother!’

Or for others, they are exhausted from spending a lot of time on apps swiping obsessively. Yet when I look at what they are doing they don’t send messages or arrange any dates.

The reality is that this is the reason why way too many singles are not getting results on dating apps.  They are doing dating apps by not doing them!

Spoiler alert, if you don’t do anything you are going to stay single. Dating, just like anything else in life it takes some type of effort on your part.  Laziness doesn’t get results nor does avoiding it!

Okay maybe you are a hopeless romantic and you are hanging out for that rare love story where you meet serendipitously (found by some miraculous chance) as it is your destiny. But, I see way too many singles who have waited for a decade and nothing has happened. The reality is that you can’t count on that chance meeting. What you can count on is putting some real effort into getting results on dating apps

It is all about being smarter in how you use dating apps rather than working harder!

Let me tell you about *Anna (name changed) Anna is 35. Anna’s story is pretty similar to *Julies who is 53 and also my client.


Anna had been on dating apps but she didn’t put in any real effort into using them or if she did the effort wasn’t consistent. She was sick to death of being single when she came to work with me as her coach.

As her coach I helped her with what she could do to get results.

I told her to think about me as a personal trainer for love!

I looked at what she was doing, her technique, made adjustments, came up with a plan and then kept her on track to get results.

Anna was great to work with as she followed the plan, even when it was outside her comfort zone. It paid off! 

Within two months of working with me, she had found someone she liked and had started to date them. Yes, in only two months Anna was able to get results on dating apps!

Let me break down what I did.

I looked at her profile and make some adjustments to appeal to the type of man she wanted to meet. Then I looked at what she was actually doing on dating apps/sites. Anna had a lot of matches but she only was having a couple of conversations.  Anna occasionally went on dates. When she was having conversations, she had put in little effort to them, often using one-word answers..

Together we went through the matches she hadn’t spoken to and worked out whether to send a message or to unmatch them.

For the matches, she decided to message I helped her come up with a short, funny message that would stand out and catch the guy’s attention.

Then it’s time to do some swiping. Instead of mindlessly dismissing people I helped Anna to take the time to look at each person properly with the intention to come away with five matches.  

With each new match, I got Anna to send a message straight away and to put the effort into the chat (here are some examples). I told Anna that the intention of the chat was to meet up and arrange a date. The aim was to arrange a minimum of one date per week.

Using this approach, Anna had her first date arranged with a guy she wanted to meet for that week! 

Anna went on two dates per week and within two months met the man she is happily dating. The effort was worth it and with my help, Anna also learnt to relax, have fun and actually enjoy dating (yes, it is possible)!

Getting results on Dating Apps Conclusion

It is time to stop browsing dating apps and take some action.  Just like Anna and Julie, it is the way to get results on dating apps.

If you want some help getting results on dating apps, why not give me a call to see how I can help you?

Debbie, Relationship Coach

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