Interesting Dating Predictions 2022 from Worldwide Bumble Data

What interesting Dating Predictions can you expect in 2022? After the last couple of years of difficulties caused by the global pandemic, I am sure you are ready for some good news! The global pandemic has changed so many things including dating.

As we end 2021 and move into 2022 singles are still adapting, growing and changing to a post-vaccine world. To know what was coming dating app Bumble surveyed their users from all over the world so they could let you know what the dating predictions and trends to expect.  Personally, I love that Bumble used worldwide data to let you know the 2022 dating predictions and the good news is the future holds welcome changes.

Dating Predictions 2022


1. Singles will be more open in 2022

Great news for all the singles out there, as dating has always been a tad superficial. In 2022 singles will be open to new people and experiences. The global pandemic has caused 48% to question who their ‘type’ is and 43% of those surveyed said their approach to dating was ‘exploratory’. 61% now see emotional availability as essential and almost a quarter cares less about how someone looked than they did before the pandemic.  Being less superficial is one of the best dating predictions for 2022.



2. Dating Predictions – Consciously Single

In 2022 we are fine with being single and it is not about finding just anyone. It seems that the pandemic has made over half (53%) of respondents realise that it’s ok to be on their own for a while. After the global social isolation singles are consciously making the choice to be single. The data showed that 54% were becoming more intentional and mindful about how and when they date which is another positive dating prediction.



3. Dry Dating – Forget Drinks!

The last couple of years have been a roller coaster ride for everyone– locked down, let out, then locked down again! That rollercoaster ride often included wine, beer and cocktails. It caused many singles to review their drinking habits. and #soberdating  had 370,000 views on Tik Tok! Drinking won’t play as big a role in dating in 2022, definitely a healthy dating prediction and one that will eliminate bad choices based on wearing beer goggles! It seems that COVID-19 has changed singles relationship with alcohol and they have new habits around drinking. 34% are more likely to have a ‘dry date’ post-pandemic! In the US it seems that a quarter of singles are drinking less than before the global pandemic!



4. Dating Predictions -More PDA

In the places where COVID was running rampant, PDA, handshakes and hugs were avoided. Now that the vaccination rates have increased worldwide people are more comfortable losing social distancing and embracing touch and public displays of affection. Worldwide, over 68% of respondents said they were open to PDA now.  


5. Want a Fresh Start

Being single can be tough, especially in a global pandemic that made singles find new ways to meet with others. The good news is that 46% of Bumble users are ready for a fresh start and want a whole reset on dating and what better time than a new year. Again another positive dating prediction.




Dating Predictions Conclusion

Heading into 2021 everyone had high hopes that the pandemic was behind us but it didn’t quite work out that way, did it? It became a year of discovery and working on themselves for many.  This will carry on into the new year as well as finding new ways of dating.

I love the dating predictions for 2022 and you can find out more dating trends from a survey of 5000 American singles here.  A new year is the reset you are looking for and is a blank page to create exactly what YOU want for once. It is an exciting time to get past the ‘type’ that doesn’t work for you and find the ‘type’ that does. Also changing what you have prioritised in a relationship, getting beyond the superficial and being more intentional about dating. Oh, and it is time to share activities you love and bring back the enjoyment to dating.

With more than half of the single people wanting to ‘reset’ their dating, it looks like the new year will be big on romance!

If you want to reset your dating life and don’t know how, or are keen to change the type of person you date, book in a discovery coaching call to give you the tools to get the success you deserve.

Debbie Rivers – Relationship Coach

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