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Program Running in Feb 2022

Want to Try Group Coaching Instead?  Running in Feb 2021 for 7 weeks.

Are you frustrated that another year has gone by and you haven’t met anyone you had a spark with? Or if you did, that it didn’t work out? 

Or maybe you have come out of a divorce and don’t know where to start.

You want to meet someone and you didn’t think it was going to be this hard!

You’re frustrated and over it or maybe don’t know where to start! Maybe you’re worried that you’ll make the same mistakes again or you’ve missed out on your chance. Or you are dating and just not getting the success you want.

I understand how you feel.  I have been there too and I helped many singles who have been just where you are.

Would you like me to show you how you can open your heart so you can let love in?


You know all those stories you’ve been telling yourself? How you’re too old, too fat, too grumpy, too intimidating or too much to find love?

Well, they’re BS, and those stories are the REAL problem.

And I’m going to show you how and why in this workshop— and what you can do to turn this around!

Because if there is one thing I know its if nothing changes, then nothing changes!


Think it is just a matter of meeting that one right person. Yet, you can be on endless dating apps, go out all the time, could even hire a matchmaker but it won’t work if you don’t start with YOU.


I can hear you asking me, ‘How do I do this, Debbie? Don’t I just have to meet the right person and everything will just work out?’


It doesn’t! I know that you would like me to magically find your person. Or give you the superficial advice so you can pretend you are the confident person who has it all together to win that person over or get your ex back, while underneath you are still doing the same stuff that doesn’t work.

Because I know it goes so much deeper than the superficial stuff to make real change stick. This isn’t just about love and dating. This is about believing in yourself and learning how to have the self-awareness and tools to be more confident, deal with rejection, and be a lot more resilient when you are dating.

You will stop wasting time on people who can’t give you what you want and need. Instead of wasting years of your valuable time, you will be able to spot it straight away. So, you can walk away instead of being stuck in all that drama and emotional chaos. You’ll be able to teach people how to treat you because you actually REALLY know your worth.

You don’t need to settle or resign yourself to being alone!


  • Want to stop leaving love and a relationship to chance and want to create your own fairytale;
  • Your confidence took a hit from a relationship breakdown;
  • Have past relationship baggage that you know you need to shift
  • You have had a lack of success in the past;
  • Want to break the cycle of unhappy relationships;
  • Find yourself repeating the same dating mistakes, or don’t understand why you aren’t having the success you want in love;
  • Think there are no good singles  out there;
  • Are attracting the same type of person;
  • Choose the wrong person;
  • Don’t know how to date;
  • Don’t know where to meet potential dates;
  • Have had negative and unsuccessful experiences of online / dating / past relationships
  • Are sick of dating or have given up;
  • Think you are too old or not attractive enough
  • You can’t be bothered anymore

Then Group Coaching is for YOU!

The value you will receive from this course will be MASSIVE – it will save you months of coaching and will be much cheaper! 

You will get the added bonus of making new friends and have the course material to keep forever.

This 7-week course will cost $1200. The cost of one on one coaching would be $3000.


Coaching is personalised and tailored to YOUR needs.

Working with me is all about getting results.

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