Common Mistakes that Lead to a Breakup

In the early days your relationship can be easy without any problems and for some lucky couples it stays that way. Unfortunately, for many couples they can end up having challenges that lead to a break up. If only they had known that relationship coaches could have helped them create a healthy relationship before it was too late.

Did you know that some of the issues you can have at the beginning of your relationship are exactly what can end up causing a break up? Getting relationship coaching in Perth can ensure you don’t become another statistic.

It is surprising how counselling and coaching in Perth can help couples create a strong relationship.

In the meantime though let’s look at some common mistakes according to relationship coaches, that can help save your relationship,

Accept Each Other:

To have a strong, healthy relationship it’s essential to accept each other for who you are not who you want them to be. That means their negative and positive traits, because let’s face it everyone has both. Acceptance is the key to lasting love.

If you want the other person to change their behaviour, it is important to be able to talk with them so the other person is able to hear what you are saying. This means talking without criticising the other person. Oh, and don’t underestimate how important your tone of voice is.

You have to start first:

Just like in the beginning of your relationship you need to continue to pay attention to what is happening in the other person’s life. Continue to be interested in each other, you know what is important and what you both like. When you get comfortable with each other, it is all too easy to take each other for granted. People change so make sure that you continue to get to know each other rather than assume you know everything about each other. Relationship coaches say feelings can die if one partner stops showing affection towards the other.

Make your partner a priority:

Many relationship counsellors and coaches say that you can push the other person away when you don’t make them a priority in your life. To have a strong, healthy relationship you need to spend time with each other rather than put the other person at the end of your to-do-list.

If you stop hearing from your partner or they aren’t making you a priority anymore it can be a sign to look for! This often happens before a breakup.

You do not have enough time for your partner

Loving couples want to spend a lot of time with each other. If you find the other person is avoiding you, or not seeing you as often, it’s a sign that your relationship could be in trouble. Because, it’s essential to spend time with the other person if you want a healthy relationship.

You don’t listen to your partner:

Spend twice as much time listening to your partner as you do talking. If you always talk about yourself, it just shows the other person you aren’t interested in them. Show interest in your partner’s life as well to grow your relationship. Oh and you may have heard that communication is the key to happy relationships but comprehension is. You can communicate with someone all you want, but if they don’t understand what you are saying it doesn’t matter. Listen to understand, it will make all the difference to your relationship.

You try to control your partner:

In a healthy relationship you need to compromise and adapt to each other. This will often involve negotiations but it doesn’t mean that you have to lose your freedom or control each other.

  • Love shouldn’t be conditional of them doing what you want them to all the time.
  • Don’t try to control every decision, instead give advice and suggestions, not orders.
  • We are sure, if you use these tips, you will keep your relationship alive forever.

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