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Rubber Band Theory
Date Coaching

The Rubber Band Theory Explained

Have you heard of the Rubber Band Theory? In this video I explain it to you. Have you ever met a great guy and had him pull away from you leaving you feeling confused? How could the guy who liked you so much have changed? It leaves you feeling insecure and even a bit needy. Your automatic

Date Coaching

8 Ways to Deal with Dating Frustration

8 Ways to Deal with Dating Frustration You thought that dating would be fun, yet you are simply dealing with frustration. Finally, you decided you were ready to get back out there and date. and you were excited about the possibilities and meeting someone you like. When you put your profile up on several online

Dating etiquette
Date Coaching

First dates, hugs, kisses and awkward elbow taps

First dates, hugs, kisses what is the dating etiquette in the brave new world of dating post COVID? Finally, in most states of Australia, you can meet face-to-face and everything is starting to feel relatively normal. But not quite! COVID has changed life – including how we date! It can be awkward enough on a

dating coaching
Date Coaching

10 Reasons you Need a Dating/Relationship Coach

Why would you need to get a dating/relationship coach? Dating is meant to be a fun thing to do! Yet often it is full of ghosting, unavailable singles, rejection, not meeting the right people and anxiety! People tell you it must be so much fun to be single and that you should be positive and

Date Coaching

#12 Hacks for a Winning Online Dating Profile

It is difficult knowing what to write on an online profile. Yet, what you write on your online profile matters and will make a big difference to the results that you achieve. Success online starts with your profile! People fall into the trap of putting something together that doesn’t attract the person they want to

Date Coaching

The Most Common Lies People Tell

The Most Common Lies People Tell Do you worry about the lies people tell and do you want to know what the most common lies are? Then you can save yourself getting hurt again? When you have had a relationship end because someone has lied to you it can be hard to trust again. It

Relationship Advice

Reigniting Romance and Passion In A Relationship

Now’s the perfect time for long term couples to build some rituals and reignite that spark so that it’s burning out of control by the end of lockdown – and there are a few simple things you can do to get that fire burning. Research suggests that couples who have a great sex life connect

Relationship Advice

Getting Back with Your Ex

How do you get your ex back is one of the most googled questions. When someone you care about doesn’t want to be with you it is heartbreaking. How do you deal with this?  In this short video I answer this question for you.

Relationship Advice

How Your Attachment Style Affects Your Relationships

Have you ever wondered why you act a certain way in all your relationships? Are you always trying to work out why you make the same mistakes? Or why certain types of people don’t work for you? One part of the answer comes back to your childhood and what is called your attachment style. In

Date Coaching

How to have a 1st Date by Video Chat? 10 Tips to Get a 2nd Date

How to have a 1st Date by Video Chat? 10 Tips to Get a 2nd Date I am sure you didn’t imagine you would be having your first date on a video chat! Video dates aren’t new, yet with social distancing, it seems to be the only way you can go on a first date!

Relationship Advice

Four Signs Your Relationship will Fail

There are four clear signs that your relationship will fail. Did you know that the quality of our closest relationships have the biggest impact on our lives? Satisfying close relationships will make you happier, healthier and even wealthier! So it is so important to keep them healthy! If you want to do a health check

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