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relationship in 2021
Relationship Advice

14 Steps to Get a Relationship in 2021

Do you want to know how to get a relationship in 2021? Maybe you were looking for a relationship in 2020 and it just didn’t happen? You might have started the year full of hope only to be hit by a global pandemic that changed everything! COVID changed our lives and that included dating! Maybe

Date Coaching

The Perfect Time to Find Love

Being single through the Christmas period can be hard for even the happiest of singles. You see all of those happy couples, cheesy Christmas movies and you can’t but feel sad. You didn’t imagine you would still be single at this time of year.  You are not alone in feeling that way! In fact, every

Date Coaching

How to Get Through Christmas Being Single

As if 2020 hasn’t been stressful enough, along comes Christmas! How do you get through Christmas being single? You might feel the pressure from all your family and friends for being single at yet another Christmas! Maybe you thought 2020 was the year you would find love and COVID put a dirty big stop to

body image
Date Coaching

12 Tips to Deal with Dating & How You Feel about Your Body

Being with someone new is nerve-wracking at any age, let alone the older you get. You wonder how to deal with dating and how you feel about your body. Maybe you don’t look how you used to look and the thought of showing that to someone new is terrifying!  You wonder how you can get

Date Coaching

When Should You Start Dating After a Break-up?

When should you start dating after a break-up or a loss? It’s a great question, that doesn’t have a simple answer. Why? Because it can be different for everyone!  Too often people start dating so that they can get over their ex and end up with disastrous results. Maybe you have heard the cliché you

Date Coaching

Is it just Chemistry or Real Love?

Everyone loves the idea of love and romance! Love and romance are what inspires poetry, music, art and movies! It is something that is valued and sought after because it is a magical experience. When it comes to love and dating, chemistry and sexual tension are often mistaken for love and romance. Compatibility may be

Relationship Advice

Do you Self-Sabotage your Relationships?

Do you self-sabotage your own happiness when it comes to dating and relationships?   You may say that you want a relationship, yet find yourself: Not dating at all. Choosing people who are aren’t ready for a relationship or don’t want the same things you do. Choose the wrong person. Try on the odd occasion,

Rubber Band Theory
Date Coaching

The Rubber Band Theory Explained

Have you heard of the Rubber Band Theory? In this video I explain it to you. Have you ever met a great guy and had him pull away from you leaving you feeling confused? How could the guy who liked you so much have changed? It leaves you feeling insecure and even a bit needy. Your automatic

Date Coaching

8 Ways to Deal with Dating Frustration

8 Ways to Deal with Dating Frustration You thought that dating would be fun, yet you are simply dealing with frustration. Finally, you decided you were ready to get back out there and date. and you were excited about the possibilities and meeting someone you like. When you put your profile up on several online

Dating etiquette
Date Coaching

First dates, hugs, kisses and awkward elbow taps

First dates, hugs, kisses what is the dating etiquette in the brave new world of dating post COVID? Finally, in most states of Australia, you can meet face-to-face and everything is starting to feel relatively normal. But not quite! COVID has changed life – including how we date! It can be awkward enough on a

dating coaching
Date Coaching

10 Reasons you Need a Dating/Relationship Coach

Why would you need to get a dating/relationship coach? Dating is meant to be a fun thing to do! Yet often it is full of ghosting, unavailable singles, rejection, not meeting the right people and anxiety! People tell you it must be so much fun to be single and that you should be positive and

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