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dating apps
Date Coaching

Are you Using Dating Apps to Meet Someone or to Feel Better About Yourself?

Are you Using Dating Apps to Meet Someone or to Feel Better About Yourself?   This is a question everyone SHOULD ask themselves before going onto dating apps but rarely do! Dating apps are a good tool to use to meet other single people. In fact, it’s the  place you are guaranteed to find the

Date Coaching

10 Practical Tips to Get Back Out there & Date after a Divorce

How do you get back out and date after a divorce is a question I am often asked. Divorce is tough! How tough your divorce is will depend on who left who and whether divorce was something you wanted. Depending on your own situation you may be feeling: Worthless, as you were rejected by someone

Date Coaching

7 Underrated Ways to Increase Your Confidence and Trust Yourself Again

Want to know 7 underrated ways to improve your confidence?   Has your confidence taken a hit? It could have happened for so many different reasons. Maybe you have: Just come out of a failed relationship. You are having difficulty in your relationship and it is taking up all of your time and energy. Been

results on dating apps
Dating Coaching

Not Getting Results on Dating Apps, here’s why a Dating Coach can Help!

Getting results on dating apps – you’ve put yourself out there and seriously thought that getting results on dating apps would be easier! It’s frustrating because you hate being single and want to share your life with someone you like, right! Can you relate to this meme?     If you answered yes, this could

Relationship Advice

Criticism – 6 Ways You Are Slipping into the Criticism Trap without Knowing it!

Criticism, is it Affecting Your Relationship Without You Even Knowing? I am sure you have heard that criticism isn’t good for any type of relationship, right? However, could criticism be sneaking into your communication without you even knowing it? Everyone wants to be able to communicate so they can be heard and seen in relationships?

Social media
Relationship Advice

11 Easy Hacks to Stop Social Media Wrecking Your Relationship

Social media (SM) is a way of being connected with family and friends. However, it also comes with the risk of causing tension in relationships. To stop that happening let’s talk about how you can make sure it doesn’t cause tension in yours! Did you know that the average person spends up to 144 minutes

first message
Dating Coaching

15 Creative Online First Message Examples That Get Responses

You will find 15 Creative First Message Examples that Work in this Blog! Have you put your profile up on a dating app and you didn’t get the results you wanted? You thought it would be easy and fun yet the reality is that it wasn’t/isn’t! You can’t help look for the reasons why and

new experiences
Date Coaching

Why Trying New Experiences will Make you Instantly More Attractive

Trying new experiences is what you need to do! If you are getting sick and tired of waiting to meet someone or broken up with someone you like – trying new experiences is the best thing you can do. When you are single when you don’t want to be or suddenly find yourself single it

bad habits
Relationship Advice

How to Deal with Your Partners Disgusting Bad Habits

Everyone has bad habits including Orlando Bloom! I am sure Katie Perry felt that being with Orlando Bloom wouldn’t give her much to complain about, right? But even he has flaws and bad habits. So bad that Katie felt the need to tell the world and spilled the beans in an interview. It seems that Orlando

Relationship Advice

How to Trust Yourself After Love Hasn’t Worked Out

How Do Trust Yourself After Love Hasn’t Worked Out I am sure you have heard that all you need to do is trust yourself, follow your gut instinct and everything will work out. Sounds easy right! But it you have ever fallen in love and had it crash and burn before your very eyes it

10 Date Rule
Date Coaching

The Pros and Cons of the 10 Date Rule

The 10 Date Rule, have you heard of it? Maybe you hear the word rule and switch off as you feel that you will just meet the right person and it won’t matter what you do, everything will just work out. But, that’s not your reality, right? Personally, I tend to cringe when I hear

Date Coaching

Interesting Dating Predictions 2022 from Worldwide Bumble Data

What interesting Dating Predictions can you expect in 2022? After the last couple of years of difficulties caused by the global pandemic, I am sure you are ready for some good news! The global pandemic has changed so many things including dating. As we end 2021 and move into 2022 singles are still adapting, growing

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