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Anger iceberg
Relationship Advice

Do Nice People Get Angry? Let’s look at the Anger Iceberg!

How do you feel about anger and getting angry? Do you believe getting angry is something that you shouldn’t do? Maybe you feel that to be a nice or a good person means not getting or being angry. However, anger is an emotion everyone feels at one time or another. It is an emotion, just

getting back together
Date Coaching

Getting Back Together With Your ex, is it Ever a Good Idea?

Getting back together with your ex, is it ever a good idea? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, have us thinking it could be! Maybe there really is the one who got away! The reality of life is that breakups are tough and it is easy to do whatever it takes to stop the pain you

Relationship Advice

7 Simple Questions About Relationships You Should Always Answer Truthfully

No one goes into a relationship hoping it will fail! When you like someone, you want your relationship to stand the test of time. So, what questions about relationships should you answer truthfully to make sure it lasts? There are 7 simple questions about relationships you can ask yourself to save yourself pain in the

Relationship Advice

Now it’s Time for You to Know the Truth About Relationships

Do you know the truth about relationships? Or do you believe the fairy tale version, you know where you find that one true love? Your own knight in shining armour or your beautiful princess and lifelong happiness. Are you still searching? Or did you meet someone, think they were the one,  only to have the

Relationship Advice

5 Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Relationship

Everyone needs innovative approaches to improve their relationship. I know that no-one goes into a relationship hoping that it won’t work out! However, most people just leave their relationship to chance and I don’t want that to be you. A recent thread on Reddit, asked the professionals for the most common signs it’s not going to

Relationship Advice

When You Are in a Relationship Here are 6 Unusual Signs you are in Trouble

When you are in a relationship what are the signs that you could be in trouble? Relationships make life better, however, it is easy to get stuck in poor communication habits because you are comfortable with each other. You might not even realise you are in this trap when you are in a relationship.  Everyone

Strong Independent Woman
Date Coaching

Is Being a Strong Independent Woman the Real Reason you are Single?

Are you a strong independent woman? Are you puzzled about why you are really still single?  You have managed to create a pretty amazing life that you love! You have a career you enjoy, wonderful friends and family. However, you still feel like there is something that is missing, You know that close relationship with

Ghosting – What is it and How to Deal with It!

In this week’s podcast, I will give you Sara’s story as well practical tips to deal with ghosting, breakups and rejection. Ghosting is a modern phenomenon! You may be lucky enough not to have never been ghosted and wondering what it is! It is when someone you have been dating simply disappears from your life

Relationship Advice

Seven Facts That Nobody Told You About A Happy Relationship

Maybe you have given up on being in a relationship but I want to let you know seven facts that nobody has told you about a happy relationship! Being in a happy relationship has so many benefits that go beyond having someone to spend your weekends with. That isn’t just me telling you a happy

Relationship Advice

Five Top Reasons Why You Face Obstacles in Your Relationship

I want to let you know the five top reasons you face obstacles in your relationship! In life, we learn the ‘how to’, yet we believe they should be comfortable and magically go well when it comes to relationships. Yet every relationship faces obstacles that get in the way of happiness! Hopefully, reading this will

Dating Coaching

Seven Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About a Dating Coach

What is a dating coach, and why would you need one? Maybe you think that a dating coach is only for people who don’t know how to date. But I want to tell you that having a dating coach is about so much more! Here are seven things you most likely didn’t know about a

Relationship Advice

11 Reasons Why Love isn’t Always Enough

Sounds crazy but love isn’t always enough. I know that we have all grown up with Disney movies, rom coms, hard-luck stories where love overcomes everything. Yet in the real world that simply isn’t the case and love isn’t always enough. I remember when I was 18 watching a movie called Yentil and in this

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