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sex over 40
Date Coaching

Deb, Help! How do I Navigate Sex Over 40 & After My Divorce?

Deb, Help! How do I Navigate Sex Over 40 & After My Divorce? Was the heading of the email I received from Amanda:  Deb, my marriage ended and I’m finally ready to get back out there dating. It is equally exciting and terrifying! I have been off the market for 20 years and the thought

Date Coaching

Is Fizzling What’s Stopping You Getting a Date on Dating Apps?

Fizzling is a trend that has been around for a while and  could be the reason you are unsuccessful on dating apps and any other texting conversation. What is fizzling? Fizzling: It is when a promising conversation loses momentum and ends up fizzling out.  Fizzling is ghosting’s 2nd cousin! It is slowly phasing someone out

Relationship Advice

Micro-cheating: What is Micro-cheating & Does it Even Matter?

Let’s talk about micro-cheating! What is it and is it the same as full-on cheating?  Or is it just small actions that aren’t a big deal? What is Micro-cheating? It’s small inappropriate actions with someone outside of your relationship that crosses a line. If the action would upset your partner or damage their trust in

Newly single
Date Coaching

Help! I’m Newly Single How do I Meet Someone Nowadays?

How do I meet someone when I am newly single? This is a great question and one I have been asked 8 times in the last week by people. My answer is that you can meet people anywhere and everywhere. If you are newly single you can meet someone in real life doing what you

safe using dating apps
Date Coaching

13 Simple Tips to be Safe Using Dating Apps

How Do You Stay Safe Using Dating Apps? People tell you that you should try dating apps but the thought terrifies you! You worry about safety and scammers. You can’t help asking the question, “How can you be safe using dating apps?” It is a good question to ask yourself!  Because in 2022 there were

Dating trends for 2023
Date Coaching

Top 8 Dating Trends for 2023 According to Bumble

Top 8 Dating Trends for 2023   The last couple of years of COVID has been tough for single people. I am sure you have asked yourself if 2023 be any better. I have good news for you with the top 8 dating trends for 2023.  The top 8 dating trends for 2023 are based

Affordable dates
Date Coaching

Five Simple Affordable Dates that Won’t Send You Broke

Is there such a thing as affordable dates that won’t send you broke? Inflation, rising interest rates and prices are hitting singles hard. Maybe you have heard that love shouldn’t cost a thing? But the reality is dating costs are hitting singles hard.  In fact, research has found that men are spending an average of

Attention on dating apps
Date Coaching

The Best Dating App Prompts + Answers To Get Attention on Dating Apps

How do you get attention on dating apps?  How do you come up with a profile that stands out from your competition and is still uniquely you on apps where you only have question prompts? It’s a challenge when you only have the option of answering three questions.   Yes, you get to choose from

Date Coaching

Guilty of Stone-fishing? This is Why it Poisonous for Relationships

Stone-fishing – are you guilty of doing it? Stone-fishing is a behaviour that most people have been guilty of at some point in their dating and relationship history! The dating term gets its name from the stonefish which adapts to its environment on the ocean floor so you don’t notice it’s there until you step

finding men in my 50s
Date Coaching

Debbie, Why is Dating Men in my 50s Such a Dreadful Experience?

Debbie, Why is dating men in my 50s such a dreadful experience? I received this email from a lady in her 50’s Her email Hi Debbie, I’m a 55-year-old woman and I left my marriage 10 years ago and have been divorced now for seven years. Since my divorce, the men I have met and

Date Coaching

How to Reject Someone Kindly According to a Relationship Expert

How to Reject Someone Nicely, According to a Relationship Expert Breaking up or telling someone you aren’t interested isn’t easy. It’s tough to know what to say when you aren’t interested in seeing someone again. No one finds rejecting someone else easy. Because most people don’t like hurting other people! In fact, maybe you are

crazy chemistry
Date Coaching

Why Crazy Chemistry Can be a Bad Sign Rather Than a Good One!

 Did you know that crazy chemistry can be a bad sign rather than a good one! Do you want to meet someone and feel something you haven’t felt before? Are you looking for that wonderful spark and crazy chemistry? It’s natural to look for that wonderful feeling. However, basing who you chose to be with

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