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Relationship Advice

How to Trust Yourself After Love Hasn’t Worked Out

How Do Trust Yourself After Love Hasn’t Worked Out I am sure you have heard that all you need to do is trust yourself, follow your gut instinct and everything will work out. Sounds easy right! But it you have ever fallen in love and had it crash and burn before your very eyes it

10 Date Rule
Date Coaching

The Pros and Cons of the 10 Date Rule

The 10 Date Rule, have you heard of it? Maybe you hear the word rule and switch off as you feel that you will just meet the right person and it won’t matter what you do, everything will just work out. But, that’s not your reality, right? Personally, I tend to cringe when I hear

Date Coaching

Interesting Dating Predictions 2022 from Worldwide Bumble Data

What interesting Dating Predictions can you expect in 2022? After the last couple of years of difficulties caused by the global pandemic, I am sure you are ready for some good news! The global pandemic has changed so many things including dating. As we end 2021 and move into 2022 singles are still adapting, growing

Relationship Advice

Stuck in the Hell of a Narcissist Relationship Without Knowing It?

Nowadays everyone is throwing around the term narcissist and it seems that every 2nd person has dated one! However, being in a bad, even toxic relationship or “situationship: doesn’t mean you have been with a narcissist! It seems people use the n-word when they are annoyed by someone’s selfish actions. They use it to describe

Date Coaching

Could this be the Reason He Isn’t Listening to YOU on a Date

Listening is something you would love men to do on a date, right? But the reality is there are so many dates you come away frustrated because there wasn’t much listening happening on his side! You can’t help feeling that men seem to forget all about listening and that the conversation needs to go both

Relationship Advice

Online Dating Safety and How to Stay Protected

Online dating is where 30 – 50% meet nowadays! Online dating has made finding a partner much simpler. You enter your basic information into an online dating website, and then you can browse through thousands of profiles to find that special someone. If you are single and want to be successful online you have to

Date Coaching

I’ve Failed to Find Love Online & I’m Frustrated & Want to Give Up

I’ve failed to find love online, I’m frustrated and want to give up was the heading on an email I received from  *Julie. This is what her email said:  Dear Debbie,    I have a pretty good life,  a great job and think I am a good catch. But I have been struggling to meet

being alone
Relationship Advice

Are you Worried About Being Alone After A Divorce or Breakup?

Being alone, are you worried about doing that after a divorce or breakup? Breakups and divorce are tough. You have spent all your time with someone and suddenly you are alone with more time on your hands than you know what to do with. The feelings of failure, regret and the loss of your dreams

first impressions
Dating Coaching

First Impressions – Do you Need Great Lines to Make Killer First Impressions

You know that first impressions matter but how do you get them right?    Do you find yourself stuck overthinking about what you should say and find yourself at a total loss on how to make good impressions? Whether that is at work, meeting someone new or on a date?   What do you say

Relationship Advice

Common Mistakes that Lead to a Breakup

In the early days your relationship can be easy without any problems and for some lucky couples it stays that way. Unfortunately, for many couples they can end up having challenges that lead to a break up. If only they had known that relationship coaches could have helped them create a healthy relationship before it

relationship management
Relationship Advice

Relationship Management for a Remarkable Life- 5 Questions to Constantly Ask

Relationship Management is essential for a remarkable life!  Yet, how much time do you spend making sure your relationship is strong and healthy? Do you spend as much time as you do on your business, fitness or other things? How is your relationship and how often do you ask yourself this question? How much time

Relationship Advice


Our dating experts have compiled a few benefits that come from your relationship that you should always cherish. As you read each point, ask yourself if you’re taking any of them for granted. Having their support Having a partner feels good because there is always someone there for you. You always have them and their

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