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Relationship Advice

The One Obvious Sign Your Relationship is Doomed!

Do you ever feel like rolling your eyes because you’re so annoyed when your partner talks? Or maybe a mean comment or two slips out?  These seemingly harmless actions might be the silent killer of your relationship! You might feel these are harmless actions but the reality is you are showing your partner contempt! This

NATO Dating
Date Coaching

2024: The Year of NATO Dating and Embracing the Plot Twist

@2024: The Year of NATO Dating and Embracing the Plot Twist   In 2024, NATO Dating and embracing the plot twist will be two of the biggest trends. But, before I tell you about NATO Dating and embracing the plot twist, let me tell you Sara’s story. Sara’s Story Sara was frustrated! She was able

Enjoy dating
Date Coaching

From Dread to Delight: The Secret to Enjoy Dating

Do you dread dating and wish you could find a way to enjoy dating? You aren’t alone! Most days I hear singles complain about dating and tell me how much they hate it. I can understand how you feel as I have been there myself.  The problem is that hating dating and complaining about it

rubber band theory

The Rubber Band Theory: How to Understand Why Men Pull Away & What to Do

 Decoding the Rubber Band Theory Hello, lovely readers! Have you ever been confused by a man’s behaviour? You know how he can be interested one moment and then be distant! Today I want to explain why men do this by looking at the Rubber Band Theory. The Rubber Band Theory was introduced by Dr John

inconsistent men
Date Coaching

Why Does He Ignore Me If He Likes Me? Let’s Unravel the Mystery! 💔💭

Hey there, ladies! 💁‍♀️ Let’s talk about something we’ve all experienced – when a guy who seemed interested suddenly starts giving you the cold shoulder or taking forever to respond. Ugh, it can be so frustrating and confusing, right? But let’s unravel this mystery of those inconsistent men together! 💔💭 Inconsistent Men So, you know

Date Coaching

12 Practical Exercises to Kill Dating Anxiety & Make Dating Easy

Anxiety: Is that something that you start to feel when you think about dating and meeting new people? Does it stop you from putting yourself out there?  Do you find yourself thinking that it is easier to put your attention anywhere and everywhere else because at least then you feel like you are getting some

Date Coaching

7 Game-Changing Tips to Banish Insecure Texts for Good!

Insecure texts! Have you ever been guilty of sending one and pushing someone you like away? If you are looking for love and have been hurt in the past,  you might have been guilty of self-sabotaging potential relationships. Has this been you? You are finally dating something you like, things are going well. Then something

get a second date
Date Coaching

31 Simple Reasons Why You Didn’t Get a Second Date

Have you ever wondered why you didn’t get a second date, especially when YOU felt like the first date went so well? Has this been you? You went on a great date and you were excited about where it could go. You and couldn’t wait to hear from them again. Only to find out they

right for you
Dating Coaching

How Do You Know Someone is Right for you on a Date?

How do you really know if someone is right for you on a date? Is there some way to know or some test you can do to save wasting any more of your precious time and protect your heart? Especially if  you have: Met someone you liked but missed the red flags and the warning

Date Coaching

Am I Ready to Date After my Separation – 8 Things to Consider

Separation – you will have so many mixed feelings. If you left the relationship, one moment you feel excited about what is possible. Then the next moment you feel full of guilt for ending a relationship. It’s normal to feel a range of contradictory emotions when you go through the separation process. You will also

men who don't want to be with them
Date Coaching

7 Reasons Women Date Men Who are Don’t Want to be With Them

Last week I was asked by a journalist, “Why do women stay with men who don’t like them very much? You know men who don’t want to be with them?” The journalist asked the question because of what was happening in Season 10 of the Australian Married at First Sight. Two brides, Bronte and Lyndall,

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