The Still Single Action Plan

The Still Single Action Plan:

An important question for singles who are tired of feeling completely confused, rejected and defeated in their dating life: 

If there was a simple, straightforward way to learn how to fill your calendar with dates you cannot wait for, with singles who are exactly your type, without going through the pain of endless, awkward trial and error…

…would you finally feel confident enough to prioritise the future of your love life, and consult a top expert who will give you highly personalised, actionable advice?

You’ve come to the right place. 

In less than two hours, you could have clear, honest answers to the questions you most want to know, like…

Why do I feel confident in other areas of my life, but feel totally clueless when it comes to the opposite sex?

What am I doing wrong that makes me undesirable to the ones I’m most attracted to?  

How do I approach someone I’m interested in without coming across as awkward or weird?

Why am I feeling like a total failure when it comes to online dating? What am I doing wrong? 

How do I become more successful at meeting someone who is truly “right” for me?

You’ll go from…

Feeling totally overwhelmed at the prospect of going out and meeting singles…to feeling absolute relief at knowing how this whole “dating thing” works

Never having success at singles events… to consistently being the most popular person in the room

Clamming up, talking robotically about your job and asking wrong, pointless questions…to confidently carrying the right conversation — in person or by text

Having low confidence in how you look and act around the opposite sex…to knowing exactly what to work on to attract genuine connections and gorgeous dating prospects

Ready to go from dateless to dateable?

Here’s how it works: We’ll meet at a local coffee shop (yes, out in the real world!), where we’ll go over exactly what issues are coming up for you in your dating life, and how to address them. 

You’ll walk away with an understanding of your blind spots, clear actions to take and personalised tips to make your dating life fun and easy. 

Your Dateless to Dateable Session includes: 

  • 90-minutes of private coaching on your current dating situation
  • Detailed feedback during our session
  • Dating Report delivered to you after our session that covers what we talked about, your actionable next steps and a straightforward plan for success


  • An audio recording of key points to go back and listen to 

Investment in you, you won’t be sorry!

Cost -$347
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